Dimitri Papatheodorou is a transdisciplinary artist whose practice comprises painting, sculpture, music, installation and architecture. 

In 2019 Papatheodorou’s exhibition WALL GAZING at the Art Gallery of Northumberland combined the three practices of painting, sculpture and architecture; the next iterations of this project will involve dance, sound and video. Trained as an architect he is accustomed to working collaboratively. In another idiom he is the front man for the queer pop band The CLEATS; in this context his art is performative. He also designed a country home for Alex Lifeson of the rock group Rush that functions as an extended family compound and creative workspace.

Papatheodorou, a long-term adjunct faculty member in the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University, is interested in the intersection between practice and theory. Comfortable navigating through various work spaces and working in different media, including boardroom, studio, drawing table or painting easel, utilizing digital recording equipment or working with clay, you might also find him sitting on his John Deere creating designs on the land in Northumberland County.

Papatheodorou is co-founder and past Chair of the Arts & Heritage Centre in Warkworth, Ontario, current Board member of the Art Gallery of Northumberland, and past Board member of the artist-run Propeller Art Gallery in Toronto. He is a passionate advocate for the arts and culture wherever he finds himself. 

This website contains selected work, updated periodically. For additional information contact the following, or send a message through this website:

Vancouver: www.elanfineart.ca

Newfoundland: jamesbaird.ca/profile_view2.php?id=72

Bloomfield, Pince Edward County: hatchgallerypec.com

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